Job Career in Finance

A career in finance or Finance Job involves a whole range of functions, such as determining the impact of decisions that are made in nearly all functional areas on the financial front. A Finance Job includes administering portfolios and formulating personal financial plans for investors, supervising banking operations, evaluating and suggesting company’s capital budgets and strengthening bank relationships.

Finance Jobs generally do not necessarily require a bachelor’s degree in commerce or a closely related field. Sometimes it is possible to “work your way up” in finance career from an entry level position, but higher positions usually require some further study. The following finance career fields include:

Commercial Banking

Jobs in banking can be exciting and offer excellent opportunities to learn about business interact with people and build up a hot career.

Corporate Finance

A career in corporate finance means you would work for a company to help it find money to run the business, grow the business, plan for it’s financial future and manage any cash on hand.

Financial Planning

Financial planners help individuals businesses plan their financial futures. They help people find an answer to their financial dilemmas involving Keen education; post-retirement needs. A good financial planner understands taxes, investments, estate planning issues and knows how to listen.


The Insurance sector promises some of the hottest jobs in finance, because today it is a huge business which has grown due to the growing need of the individuals and industries to protect them selves.

Investment Banking

Investment Banks help companies and governments issue securities, help investors purchase securities, trade securities manage financial assets and provide financial advice.

Money Management

Money managers hold stocks and bonds for institutional clients and hold fixed income securities including corporate bonds, mortgaged-backs, agency securities and asset-backed securities.

Real Estate

Real estate professionals are tied to the development of our societies in a very direct way and participate in decisions that will shape the way we live for centuries. Work in real estate is greatly rewarding, ever-changing and challenging. Take some time and consider your potential in the vast field of real estate.

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